Everyone knows that Facebook is a major player in the technology
world. Some may even say it is changing the way that we as people communicate.
It has become a presence in our lives and has made it clear that it is here to
stay. Recently however, Facebook hasn’t been playing by the rules.

Earlier last week it broke a major rule in public relations.
Facebook hired a private public relations firm to pitch to influential bloggers
about what Google was doing wrong and its other misconduct. Facebook did not
allow this agency to disclose who the client was but did offer many sources
where their work would be published and blog would be advertised. An enticing
offer, unfortunately, it is ethically wrong on more than one level.

Facebook will probably continue to break the rules and act
unethically without any real or substantial consequences. The company has
become enough of an every day, common part of our lives that the public outrage
will most likely fade within a week or two. It is confusing though why Facebook
feels it has to do things like this.

This move changes my opinion of the monster company drastically. I
think that it is going too far in breaking ethics in public relations. Shame on
the public relations team that implemented this strategy; and shame on them for
thinking no one would find out. The truth always comes out. This only makes
Facebook look like it cares about Google. There is dignity in silence and if it
would have kept quiet and doing what it was doing, breaking records and being a
leading innovative force in the social networking, business and personal world,
Facebook could have avoided looking not only like a bully but also like a dirty
major corporation who only cares about the bottom line and will do anything to
make sure its competition does not surpass it.

Facebook’s response did not include  an apology for its actions.

This post is based off of Michael Arrington’s article, “Facebook Loses Much Face In Secret Smear On Google.”